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PT. TRINET PRIMA SOLUSI (TRINET) was founded in 2002 in Jakarta. The core business is containing the theme "End to end solution". TRINET is a system integrator with competence in hardware infrastructure, network security and data center.

Our technical team designs, builds and supports your mission-critical systems. We help you to stretch your IT budget by working systematically, efficiently and managing the project costs / TCO.

As the needs of every organization are unique, we remain vendor neutral in the selection of technology solutions. We do what's best for you - not for us. Our expertise can lead to significant and continuous improvement of your organization's business and IT processes.

We fully understand that every customer is unique, so we always position ourselves as your consultant to give the right solutions with proper investments. Our experiences have enriched us to help our customers in increasing their businesses and support the operational cost effectiveness, which at the end will increase the company’s business competitiveness in market.

Our Business Objectives

Assist clients to apply the right information technology solutions in the organizations to achieve the business goals by providing the proper and cost-effective solutions, good services, reliable and continuous support to the IT investment and its development in the future.

Product, Services & SOLUTION


Trinet Prima Solusi provides conveniences for customers who want to have a smart room or building with affordable prices. We offer solution that customers need. Pride for us could give solution packages appropriate with you expectations. We offer some solution packages such as, smart class, smart home, smart building, smart meeting room, and smart apartment.

For smart apartment solution package, there are two types such as apartment from building side. The offer of solution package is smart building. On the other hand, for apartment from tenant side, the solution packages we offer are smart home.

Latest Update


UNV Network Camera & NVR

Admin 2018-11-08 Techno Info

Uniview has complete IP video surveillance product lines including IP cameras, NVR.....

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Sangfor aCloud 5.8.6 Release

Admin 2018-10-16 Techno Info

Sangfor aCloud (Sangfor HCI) 5.8.6 is the latest and greatest upgrade in its history.....

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Talariax - SendQuick

Admin 2018-10-03 Techno Info

Our award-winning sendQuick range of SMS gateway solutions minimises systems and operations.....

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Business Platform Software AG

Admin 2018-09-24 Techno Info

Software AG, perusahaan global terdepan dalam proses-proses bisnis, integrasi, dan big data.....

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Solution as a Service

Admin 2018-09-18 Techno Info

Security as a Service is an outsourced service wherein outside company handles and manages security.....

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VSA by Kaseya

Admin 2018-08-30 Techno Info

With VSA you will manage both endpoints AND infrastructure, scale using included automation.....

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Welcome to SOPHOS

Admin 2018-08-28 Techno Info

IT security products have become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure.....

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Make a Difference Together with RAINBOW

Admin 2018-07-31 Techno Info

Transformasi komunikasi bisnis Anda dimulai di sini.....

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Sangfor HCI 583

Sangfor HCI 5.8.3 Rilis

Admin 2018-07-17 Techno Info

Sangfor Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) 5.8.3 memperkenalkan fitur dan penyempurnaan baru.....

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Trend Micro

Trend Micro XGen Security

Admin 2018-08-16 Techno Info


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Sangfor HCI 583

Cloudian Hyperstore 4000

Admin 2018-07-17 Techno Info

Cloudian memiliki solusi penyimpanan objek yang paling matang dari semua vendor yang telah kami uji.....

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Dlink DES 521

52 Port Web Smart Ethernet

Arly 2016-06-14 Techno Info

Green Technology, Security Features, Intuitive Management, VoIP Deployment, QoS, Advanced Features, Trap & Logs, Online Help...

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Anti Spam

7 Fitur Anti Spam

Admin 2016-06-10 Techno Info

Ada beberapa teknologi yang berguna mendeteksi email yang benar – benar merupakan spam tetapi juga meminimalkan salah deteksi.

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Axis new generation

Admin 2016-06-9 Techno Info

AXIS P1244 Network Camera offers a cost-effective solution for indoor applications that require exceptionally discreet surveillance.

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WAN Bluecoat

Solusi WAN Blue Coat

Admin 2016-04-29 Techno Info

Ingin meningkatkan profit perusahaan tapi takut dengan biaya yang mahal? Jangan khawatir, info berikut ini merupakan cara meningkatkan profit perusahaan dengan biaya yang sangat minim

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AXIS Q6128-E

Kamera Outdoor AXIS Q6128-E

Admin 2016-04-28 Techno Info

AXIS Q6128-E adalah kamera outdoor-ready PTZ dome yang compact, memberikan resolusi 4K dan 30 frame per detik, 12x optical zoom dan autofocus.

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Blue Coat menyediakan teknologi baik

Admin 2016-04-26 Techno Info

Blue Coat inidapat membatu mengamankan komunikasi internet baik bagi perusahaan maupun organisasi IT.

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802.11ac Wave 2

Multi-gig Ethernet dengan 802.11ac Wave 2

Admin 2016-04-26 Techno Info

Dalam industri wireless, Access point 330 series baru ini didukung oleh teknologi ClientMatch, memastikan semua perangkat memiliki koneksi tercepat...

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Tren kejahatan siber 2016 menurut ahli Kaspersky

Admin 2016-04-22 Techno Info

Para ahli Kaspersky Lab menyatakan bahwa Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) akan menghilang dan digantikan oleh ancaman serangan yang...

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ROBO with DELL PowerEdge VRTX

Admin 2016-04-21 Techno Info

Kebutuhan akan solusi bisnis dalam infrastruktur IT pada waktu sekarang ini memang sangat dibutuhkan. Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO) menawarkan solusi yang sangat efektif dan terjangkau...

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Admin 2016-04-20 Techno Info

CaLabo LX merupakan perangkat lunak untuk mendukung kegiatan guru dan siswa dalam setiap jenis lab PC, kelas atau perpustakaan.

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Admin 2016-04-20 Techno Info

Ancaman keamanan terhadap perangkat mobile dalam beberapa tahun terakhir dilaporkan mengalami peningkatan...

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Trinet are supported by the World Class partners who involved in several kinds of products, such as Softwares (Microsoft), Computers, Routers, Switching, Fiber Optics and Copper Cables. We also support business process using Applicatons, such as Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) for Distribution Assurance and Financial System.

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