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About Ivanti

Ivanti berkantor pusat di Utah di luar Salt Lake City, di daerah Amerika Serikat yang New York Times baru-baru ini sebut "Silicon Valley berikutnya." Ivanti memiliki 36 kantor di 23 negara.

Dengan mempekerjakan sekitar 2.000 orang, Ivanti berfokus pada memungkinkan organisasi untuk mengontrol pengiriman layanan, menyederhanakan proses manajemen layanan, memperoleh visibilitas real-time di seluruh layanan dan infrastruktur mereka, dan mengatur interaksi orang, proses, dan teknologi untuk kinerja layanan yang optimal. Di Ivanti, kami mengambil produk dan pelanggan kami dengan sangat serius, tetapi kami sendiri tidak begitu banyak.

ivanti solution

Unified Endpoint Management – Endpoint Manager


Solution Overview – Ivanti Endpoint Manager powered by Landesk

Endpoint Manager helps to manage the lifecycle of all your devices and has been around since the late 80s. It started with Inventory and Remote Control and has grown into an industry-leading, innovative solution in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for PC Lifecycle Management over 8 years

IT Service Management


Solution Overview – Ivanti Service Management

Ivanti IT Service Manager brings together a comprehensive set of service and lifecycle products that are designed to improve service levels and productivity, follow best practices and achieve standardization, and align IT to the delivery of business value. Whether you are looking for basic functionality or need to perform more advanced Service Management processes, Ivanti Service Manager can easily scale and adapt to meet your specific business needs.

IT Asset Management


Solution Overview – Ivanti IT Asset Management

Ivanti IT Asset Management Ivanti enables asset managers to know what assets they have, where they are, how they’re used, and how they’re performing for better decisions at any stage of an asset’s lifecycle. Whether IT needs to reclaim unused software or an employee needs to access a vital app, Ivanti empowers the user and helps the business gain the most from its hardware and software investments.

ITAM incorporates the key elements listed in the table below. By integrating and customizing these elements to meet the organization’s unique needs, the customer gains better visibility, better asset control, and reclamation of software or license funds due to compliancy—all of which lead to an optimized environment.

Identity Management – Identity Director


Solution Overview – Ivanti Identity Director, powered by RES

Ivanti manages the entire identity lifecycle to ensure that policy controls and entitlements are maintained at all times. Automating the delivery and return of entitlements, apps and services based on identity and business policy enables secure worker management. Because Ivanti manages identities thorough a consolidated identity store connected with HR/HCM, project management, and other systems, access rights and entitlements will adapt automatically if a worker changes roles, function or department or leaves. Identity Director includes Ivanti Automation to provide lightweight yet powerful task based automation.

Unified Endpoint Management – User Workspace Manager


Solution Overview – Ivanti User Workspace Manager powered by AppSense

Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM), powered by AppSense, is a workspace management solution for virtual or physical environments to simplify user management, application control, and performance optimization to reduce IT costs and secure endpoints.