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Welcome to Kaseya

At Kaseya we are a customer first team, working to bring solutions that make the lives of IT leaders around the globe easier and more predictable. Technology changes fast, we’re busy improving what we have, and building what you’ll need in the future.

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Helping You Simplify IT

Whether you are part of an IT organization at a mid-sized company, continually asked to do more with existing budget, or part of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) business looking for new revenue streams and new ways to increase profit margins, our mission is to help you simplify IT management.

We provide software solutions that help you take out the complexity of IT, because we know your success and the success of your business depends upon managing IT more effectively, efficiently and securely.

VSA by Kaseya

Remote Monitoring and End-Point Management Solutions

With VSA you will manage both endpoints AND infrastructure, scale using included automation, and increase the speed and efficiency at which your technicians’ function.


Manage & Automate All of IT with VSA

Kaseya VSA was built to solve the problems that mean the most to you – delivering better service and improving your team’s efficiency. Explore VSA and we’re sure you’ll find the remote monitoring and management solutions you are looking for. Deploy policy-based automation with proactive remediation to increase productivity. Automate deployment of software, manage patches, and proactively resolve issues across your complete environment with the push of a button. Expand the power of VSA with security and backup integrations with the top providers in the business. It’s all here in one unified platform – it’s time to start managing all of IT with VSA.




Dynamic documentation generation and retrieval. VSA includes an unprecedented instant and dynamic documentation engine, dubbed AssetIQ™, which automatically and instantly updates documentation so your technicians always have access to the latest information right when, and where, they need it.

Network & Endpoint Management in one native application. RMM 2.0 unifies network and endpoint management into a single product. The solution was built from the ground up to function as a single solution with one interface, one architecture, and one view of your entire network infrastructure.

Kaseya’s powerful Automation Engine allows you to create scripts that solve your most critical and labor intensive problems. Combined with our Automation Exchange you can equip any IT team with a force-multiplying crowd-sourced army of automation engineers. VSA offers a world of possibilities for automating.




Meet and exceed your compliance and service expectations of your customers with pre-built procedures, automation, and more. You’ll have the tools, access, and integrations to meet even your toughest compliance challenges. You’ll also be able to report on your various compliance metrics, making it easy to show your teams impact.

We’ve built VSA to operate as an open platform, allowing you to choose additional solutions that work best for your business. Our Technology Alliance Partners provide outstanding integrations and resources to help get the most of combining IT’s best of breed solutions.

As simple as you want it to be. As powerful as you need it to be. VSA is known as one of the most powerful remote monitoring and end point management solutions available – and with good reason. If you can dream it and script it, VSA can deploy your ideas at a grand scale with consistency and control.

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VSA’s Software Management module is the only solution that provides unified management, comprehensive visibility, and scalable automation so you can install, deploy, and update all your Windows, Mac, and 3rd party software. Rapid Distribution leverages the Agent Endpoint Fabric to optimize the delivery of installer packages, even over latent networks. Eliminates the need for a centralized File Share or LAN Cache. Policy Profiles simplify updates using standardized, scalable profiles to approve, deny, or provide machine associations. Once implemented, VSA can keep your network up to date and secure with Software Management.

Patch Windows, Mac and 3rd Party Software

Imagine having confidence knowing your network is truly up-to-date and secure from vulnerabilities. VSA’s Software Management module is the only patch management solution that is needed to install, deploy, and update all your software.

Security through Unification and Standardization

Manage & Automate All of IT with VSA

IT Professionals know that when their network is at risk, the organization is at risk. Most IT Professionals spend unnecessary cycles trying to apply the same patch policy across complex networks that span multiple locations, include multiple domains, traverse multiple firewalls, and include remote and home users. They need different tools for different reasons and suffer from a tremendous amount of work trying to aggregate results to see vulnerability.

Kaseya Software Management provides real-time visibility to the patch status of your complete responsibility, including on-and-off network devices. Software Management is powered by policies to ensure you can automate software maintenance across platforms, and easily address the complexities of patch deployment.