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Solution packages for smart class are Interactive Board ( chalk box, document zoom and sharing software , Digital Podium, Digital Lab Language, Video Conference, software sharing

Product Packages :

Interactive board

Smart Board

Interactive board is collaboration with digital podium. Speakers could deliver news more deeply due to the speaker could do some interaction in the screen and save directly.

Digital podium


Digital podium using for helping a teacher/speaker in presentation. With digital podium, someone could deliver the material better. Clear and interactive. This digital podium could also for controlling the lamps, projector, door ( open/close) and Air Conditioner ( AC )

Digital lab language


Digital lab language used for making teaching class digitally, especially in language classes, where in every class have PC and multimedia device to support teaching process. digital lab language have features like file sharing where teacher can give example to student more accurate and faster, also it can do full control to every student activity, like collect students paperwork, absence, and limit the student activity which doesn't related to class.

Video conference

Video COnference

Video conference serves as when a speaker would like to give presentation, deliver the information in difference place. Using video conference could save cost due to the speaker must not move to one place to the other place

Software sharing

Software Sharring

Software sharing serves as when a speaker/trainer would like to show file, video directly to all participant directly. This software sharing also connected to digital podium. It could facilitate speaker in sharing files and presentations.


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