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The world’s first Digital Business Platform empowers you to master your digital transformation. Make it your own to optimize your business digitally, develop new disruptive business models, and stand apart from your competition.

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Big change, big opportunity

Organizations are experiencing a seismic shift in their markets at faster-than-ever speeds. New competitors are disrupting entire markets using digital technology to provide a better customer experience, while established companies are having difficulty keeping pace. Today’s customers have more influence, information and choice than ever before. They are used to a perfect customer experience with expectations benchmarked by consumer-driven companies that deliver services quickly and seamlessly across all channels. To survive in the age of the customer, every business must become digital.

Becoming digital doesn’t mean simply optimizing your business by using digital technology. It also means designing a digital business model that is based on the technology you use, the data you have, and the products and services you provide—in an agile and responsive way. You need a platform to:

  • Orchestrate partners, customer segments and production lines at the same time in different places
  • Build unique and differentiating applications on your own
  • Integrate diverse systems, applications and devices across your enterprise
  • Make smart decisions based on historical information, real-time data and future predictions
  • Design a digital transformation strategy, align your IT portfolio with that strategy, and digitalize processes to improve customer satisfaction

  • You need Software AG’s Digital Business Platform—both your map and road for continuous digital transformation.

    Master Your Digital Transformation with Software AG´s Digital Business Platform


    1. Digital transformation must be at the core of your enterprise’s corporate strategy if you plan to compete in the future.

    2. It’s not just about technology—you need the right plan and a sustained strategy to design, implement and continuously improve your operations.

    3. Digital transformation is not a one-time project—customer expectations change continuously and new competitors using disruptive technologies will emerge.

    4. By definition, packaged applications cannot differentiate your business. You need systems that reflect your unique identity.

    5. To master your digital change, you need a digital business platform that connects every facet of your organization.

    Tailor your own digital business platform to current and future needs using these five integrated building blocks:




    The transformation of business processes and IT is not just a technology task, it is a process on its own, and it has to be governed in the same manner. It’s a matter of strategy and human intelligence. With Software AG, your transformation is supported by tools and methods that help you align your business, IT and organizational requirements. Process transformation & management, risk and compliance management as well as enterprise architecture and portfolio management powered by ARIS and Alfabet are critical to supporting the decisions and strategy that will directyour digital transformation journey.

    Making faster and better decisions is at the core of every digital strategy. Your business needs to collect, store, analyze and act on data that while it is fresh and accurate. You make decisions using static and real-time data every day. Wouldn’t your decisions be better if you could monitor a flood of real-time data, combine it with historical data sets, and make predictions about the future? In-memory data, streaming analytics and artificial intelligence powered by Terracotta, Apama and Zementis help you integrate, monitor and analyze data, events and transactions automatically to make smart decisions.

    On the journey to digital transformation, process has never been more essential. But the traditional focus of business process management has shifted. In the age of the customer, enterprises need dynamic apps—processes and applications that are customer-centric and quickly configured, optimized and changed. Dynamic process automation and low-code applications powered by webMethods combine process orchestration, work automation, lowcode development and predictive, closed-loop analytics. You can build your next generation of digital business applications quickly and change them “on the fly.”



    Emerging trends based on new technologies, such as cloud, mobile, APIs and the Internet of Things (IoT) will create a new need for seamless integration. While companies cannot ignore the investments they’ve made in their IT portfolios, they need to ensure that new technologies will be fully compatible with current and future core applications. Extensible, scalable and reliable integration backbones and API ecosystems powered by webMethods are key elements to rapidly integrate and manage systems, services, devices, processes, business partners and data to provide new business value and improve business performance—running either in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid scenarios.

    In the digital world, devices are both your eyes (sensors) and hands (actors). Because of this and many other reasons, device integration is key for the IoT and your digital business. Designed cloud first and multi-tenant, with telco-grade security and an open API-based, elastically scalable architecture, our device connectivity and management capabilities powered by Cumulocity enable you to easily start and succeed with your IoT project.

    Master Your Digital Transformation with Software AG´s Digital Business Platform


  • Modular—so you can add capabilities as needed as your architecture evolves
  • Open—to integrate with other stacks
  • Process-oriented—easily adaptable, enabling you to map software to processes
  • Fast—both in the sense of implementation and response times
  • Robust—proven, enterprise-ready and scalable
  • Real time—based on modern data streaming technologies
  • Self-adapting—using machine learning for continuous optimization
  • Cloud-enabled—open and built for cloud deployment, public, private and hybrid

  • Platform architecture

    New digital business models place new pressures on IT services. They must deliver a higher degree of agility and flexibility, lower latency, greater scalability and improved user experience. Automated decision making must be based on realtime analytics and hybrid transactional/ analytical processing.

    Software AG´s Digital Business Platform provides a next-generation application architecture that incorporates the technologies every digital business needs to succeed, such as in-memory and big data management, event-driven architectures, microservices, container deployment and management as well as DevOps. Edge computing and cloud technology support distinctive ecosystems via public, private and hybrid cloud scenarios at the same time. Built on a modular basis as a real enterprise-ready platform, the Digital Business Platform comes with a common installer to deliver performance and security while it stays resilient and scalable. Agile methodologies and customer input drive continuous development in an ongoing release cycle to deliver value faster.

    Platform benefits

    Our completely open and vendorindependent platform approach prevents you from vendor “lock-in” and preserves the option to work with multiple products and technologies in accordance with your time table. This saves you time and money, which you can apply to future innovation.

    You also gain an “agility layer” that protects systems of record while allowing agile development and innovation to take place to differentiate your company from the competition. See your ideas come to life without the risk of critical errors and system downtime. Design your architecture for future process-centric application scenarios, scalability and transparency.

    By quickly developing and integrating simple and efficient applications, you can regain control of your IT´s innovation to accelerate your time-to-market and respond faster to your customers’ demands.