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There is a revolution underway in the wireless carrier networks. As traditional services of voice transport and simple internet connection become commoditized, Telco’s and carriers need to ally themselves with hardware infrastructure providers, software companies, handset makers, chip designers and a variety of service providers.

Some software companies must meet new demands of massive scalability if they are to survive inside the carrier network. Carrier networks need to support services and applications that their corporate customers have already invested in, while the software houses with established presence in the business world must work with the carrier to wirelessly enable their applications, or face the consequences of being undermined by pure wireless players.

The offered infrastructures are as follows:

Endpoint Client


Despite the continuing fall of PC prices, the total cost of owning and using PCs remains high, largely due to the cost of deploying them. IDC research shows that the average deployment cost is over $500 per PC, and costs exceeding $700 are not uncommon.

Recently, cost has become a major factor in the decision of many companies to delay technology refreshes. At the same time, cost-driven reductions with IT departments have left fewer disposable labor hours to handle IT needs, including deploying PCs. As the economy recovers, IDC believes that a major share of organizations will begin to upgrade their PC base. By adopting a higher level of maturity, organizations can reduce IT costs by up to 47 percent and IT labor time by up to 76 percent.

To help companies efficiently deploy PCs, Dell has developed a series of offerings that optimizes the PC deployment process. Designed to reduce deployment costs and network utilization during deployment and cycle times, the services and tools offered by the Dell™ Optimized Deployment Service Framework provide companies with significant competitive advantages.

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Storage & BACKUP


Organizations of every type rely on the timely retrieval of information to facilitate transactions and decision making. While a typical organization is experiencing double-digit data growth, IT budget, staffing, and traditional storage capabilities are not keeping pace. As a result, IT organizations are under constant pressure to employ more efficient storage strategies and increase the amount of data their staff can manage without additional headcount.

Customers are looking to storage vendors for innovations to solve these challenges in the same way that server virtualization has enabled them to experience greater efficiency by pooling server resources and dynamically provisioning compute power according to business needs. The storage imperative is not only to move information dynamically according to business activity, but also to make the process fully automated and self-managing.

Storage server merupakan sebuah server yang dapat menyimpan server dalam kapasitas yang sangat besar. Storage server pun memiliki 3 teknologi berbeda yaitu DAS, NAS dan SAN. Untuk dapat memilih salah satunya, maka tentu saja ada beberapa hal yang harus menjadi pertimbangan tersendiri oleh anda, misalnya saja seperti banyak kapasitas data yang anda butuhkan, kepentingan backup data, biaya dan masih banyak lagi pertimbangan yang lain.

Untuk merk Stroage NAS dan SAN sendiri banyak beberapa merk yang berkualitas seperti merek Storage Server SAN / NAS yang bagus seperti Asustor, Buffalo, Fujitsu, HP, IBM , Infortrend, Qnap, Seagate, D-Link, Thecus maupun Western Digital. Untuk membantu dan mempermudah anda dalam memilih salah satunya, maka kami akan memberikan pengertian mengenai storage server DAS, NAS dan SAN dalam jaringan komputer seperti di bawah ini.

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The purpose of having a server in your company?

Key features and benefits of an enterprise server:
  1. Regularly back up all your files. This limits the risk of lost files, which means lost time and money for your business.
  2. Securing data, this includes the establishment of a mechanism for identifying users (login and password).
  3. Centralised system: makes data accessible to all those who should have access, whether employees or customers (outsiders). You can create different levels of access: read or write.

No need to invest in a corporate server if your company has fewer than 5 people. Online tools exist for the lack of functionality of a server. A simple file sharing and printing software may be used in this situation.

The type of network will be mainly based upon your business purposes and the processes of your company. The requirements differ depending on the extent and nature of your business. That's why you first need to hire a professional if you want to install a server in your company.

The capabilities of your server must be fitted to your needs, without taking into account the cost. If the capacity of the server of your company is too low, access to the server and browsing will be slow. Costs and productivity would suffer.

What We Offer

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Camera CCTV

Why Using Camera CCTV

Video surveillance/ CCTV has proven to be a sound investment. Statistics reveal a major reduction in the amount of crime being committed in areas covered by video surveillance. CCTV has been proven to be the most cost effective method for crime prevention and detection.

Possible benefits also include reduced labour costs, deterrence of criminal or anti-social activity and evidence gathering. The reassurance that the system provides for staff and customers should not be overlooked.

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  1. More efficient storage of HDTV quality images with H.264 video compression
  2. Set your own recording options: scheduled or motion detection driven
  3. Eliminate cumbersome and unsightly electrical wiring with cameras powered through the network (Power over Ethernet)
  4. Easy control of pan/tilt/zoom cameras
  5. Powerful recording search functions with easy export of snapshots and video clips
  6. Extensive language support

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HD PoE Outdoor Infrared Cloud IP Camera

DCS-7010L HD Mini Bullet Outdoor Network Camera adalah kamera outdoor IP surveillance mydlink-enabled yang memungkinkan Anda untuk memantau area 24 jam sehari. Produk yang tahan lama, illuminator LED IR yang kuat membuatnya ideal untuk pengawasan sehari-hari di area outdoor.

Feature :

Printing Product

printing product

Fuji Xerox Printers Managed Print Solution

Fuji Xerox Printers Managed Print Solution provides end-to-end management of your output environment enabling control of office printing across an entire organisation, productively and cost effectively. Outsourcing the management, maintenance and support of your printer devices to optimise document output and reduce costs.

We will assess your current print infrastructure, costs and business processes to establish a baseline against which you can measure future improvements and savings. Upon implementation, we will manage the new infrastructure for you and jointly review and monitor for continuous improvements.

Together we will design a new office environment aligned with your business objectives and printing policy to optimise your print environment, maximise cost savings, improve staff productivity and contribute to sustainability by reducing your energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Beyond cost savings we will also evaluate work practices with you and identify existing processes that can be improved, for example by automating manual document workflows or printing at the point of need through Mobile Print. This gives more time back to IT and enables all end users to become more productive in your business.

By expertly managing your print environment, Fuji Xerox will help you achieve cost savings in areas of printing such as supplies, maintenance, service and process improvements

  1. Reduce print related costs by up to 30%
  2. Improve productivity of your printer and copier fleet
  3. Ensure you never run out of consumables
  4. Have repairs and maintenance managed automatically
  5. Enjoy peace of mind with network and data security
  6. Improve staff productivity
  7. Access the latest technology
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