With our business mobile messaging solutions, you can do much more with the humble SMS texts. Be it sending messages such as One-Time-Passwords for enhanced security, broadcasting messages, delivery notifications, job dispatch, inventory updates, appointment reminders, internal workflow, customer communication etc., we’ve got you covered.

Our award-winning sendQuick range of SMS gateway solutions minimises systems and operations downtime and boosts IT responsiveness makng companies more efficent

It Alerts & Notifications


Unplanned system downtime - that is the bane of all IT personnels. When the unplanned happens in your IT environment, how fast can you react before something worse happens?

“Instantly perhaps before It happens”, under this tenet, TalariaX sendQuick offers an appliance based SMS gateway for automated IT notifications. We have helped businesses from a myriad of industries range from finance, education, healthcare to hospitality in over 10 countries worldwide – with single objective - minimize system downtime effectively.

With the increasing importance of IT in various aspects of an organization whether it be for customer service, operations, marketing or finance, it is necessary for many organizations to maintain continuous uptime for the IT infrastructure so as to ensure business continuity. See diagram below for our recommended solution.

Systems Availability Monitoring


Are you spending too much resources in managing your IT network? Are you seeking a simpler, more well integrated monitoring system? Do you want a consolidated view of all your notifications and responses with regards to your IT network?

In Talariax, we have the right solutions for you - sendQuick Avera, with this, you can have all in one monitoring system under your fingertips! At the end of the days, our solutions ensure your bases are covered, what we called cohesive and effective monitoring.

As companies move towards computerization and IT security beefs up, there is a tendency for the IT network to grow increasingly complex. Precious resources should not be spent on complicated monitoring systems that take up time and energy. Look at our solutions at the network diagram below.

Enterprise Messaging Broadcast


What do large retail stores, property developers, insurance companies and government agencies have in common? They all use SMS (text messaging) as a form of mass broadcast to communicate for Marketing Campaigns and Announcements.

If you haven’t integrated SMS into your business’ marketing strategy, do now. Analysts commented this will boost majority of the business’ marketing activity tremendously. The Unique Key Factors of instant deliverability, reliable, high open & conversion rate are what make SMS the most effective marketing methods of today.

Under the same principle, TalariaX sendQuick offers an appliance based SMS gateway enterprise messaging instead of general software package. We have deployed our solutions to thousands of businesses worldwide churning out millions of marketing campaigns & announcement broadcasts efficiently and cost effectively.

Secure Remote Access

Video COnference
Video COnference

As businesses grow more international and employees and clients more mobile, how to maintain a stream of readily available information as well as manage the information transfer securely to eliminate or mitigate security breaches?

Data security & confidentiality is utmost important to your customers for business worldwide, the last thing a business don’t want is your customer’s personal data are scatter out on the street or your name was published on the first page of news for website security breach.

Therefore, sendQuick ConeXa has equipped clients from various industries like banking and communications with secure remote access via 2 Factor Authentication (FA) with SMS One Time Password (OTP) and Mobile Soft Token. This addition layer of unique check enhances the access security level giving business some peace of minds. Look at the network diagram below for more details.

'Only requires a mobile phone (choice SMS OTP and/or soft token)'

Business Process Automation

Software Sharring
Software Sharring

Is your business losing customers because you are not responsive enough? What happens when there is an intrusion in your network infrastructure? Can your sales team retrieve real-time information to help close sales when on the move?

In order to do so, you need an integration system that consolidated that critical business information into instant mobile data. In Talariax, we develop - sendQuick Entera – this is the Out-of-the-Box solution to your enterprise mobile messaging needs! Have a look at our recommended solutions for industries usage and benefits.

Your business has a variety of communications needs. Short Messaging Services (SMS) is a very useful and non-intrusive communication method that is ideal for getting your messages across fast. You can deploy SMS in a huge number of ways in your business processes so that you remain responsive to your customers and become more efficient and competitive. Look at our solutions at the network diagram below.