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Aiming to excellence

Uniview is the pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance. Firstly introduced IP video surveillance to China, Uniview now is the third largest player in video surveillance in China. In 2017, Uniview has the 6th largest global market share (IHS Research).

Uniview has complete IP video surveillance product lines including IP cameras, NVR, IP Storage, Decoder, Keyboard, Monitor, Switch and Network Cable covering a diverse vertical markets including retail, building, industry, education, commercial, city surveillance etc.

Our aim is to become a global leader in video surveillance industry which endeavors to build a safer world by providing professional, reliable and cutting-edge products and services.

Network Camera & NVR


Ultra 256

Excellent Image Quality

High Reliability

Ultra 265 Ultra 265 technology is properly utilized in Easy series which can help to save 75% of the total cost. It consists of standard H.265 and U-code compression technology which was exclusively developed by Uniview to have excellent bitrate control and bandwidth reduction whereas keeping perfect image quality. It is not only a compression technology, but a cutting-edge end-to-end solution.

Excellent Image Quality Smart IR and 2D/3D digital noise reduction are combined to show outstanding image quality. Two high-powered car-grade LEDs with Smart IR technology efficiently enhance IR compensation in completely dark scene. Meanwhile, DNR technology can be widely utilized in static and movement scenes to reduce noise on images and display clear image under low light.

High Reliability Cameras of Easy series have amazing performances. Software IR control technology removes hardware optical coupler to avoid extra cost caused by hardware failure and automatically detect image brightness to control the IR cut. They are more sensitive to detect the illumination of environment and realize more accurate change day and night. Meanwhile, IR anti-reflection glass increases 8% infrared transmittance and repels insects gathering at night. Besides, IP67, IK10, wide temperature range and ±25% voltage tolerance are also featured to implement higher reliability.

Navigation PTZ Dome Cameras

Easy to Use

Plug & Play

Navigator PTZ Dome Cameras Due to highly accurate stepping motors and fast pan speed, Navigator PTZ dome cameras move stable and smooth. Hence stable video can be produced without jerk. There are 1024 presets which can be easily configured as cruise. Moreover, built-in heater around the camera’s window can remove snow and fog on lens automatically. Those remarkable functions would reduce unnecessary operations and provide better user experience.

Easy to Use 5MP Easy series cameras applied dual-stream to store videos in two different bitrates for multiple uses. Moreover, they are compatible to ONVIF (Profile S /G), LAPI and SDK. Easy series NVRs also comply with ONVIF hence almost all types of cameras can be added to the device easily. Besides, SD card & ANR, cloud upgrade, one-click add applications are also featured so users can manage those devices conveniently and systematically.

Plug & Play Cameras and NVRs from Easy family all support Plug & Play which are easy to install because of zero configurations.

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Prime NVRs

StarView Series

Easy to Use

Compared to common NVRs, NVRs in Prime series show better performance. They support up to 12MP recording resolution of cameras and 4K output, ready for professional solutions. Furthermore, these NVRs apply Ultra 265 technology which could help to save up to 75% of total cost. Other distinct functions such as fisheye de-warp, heat map and POS of Prime series NVRs are suitable for commercial application.

Uniview redefines starlight by up to minimum 0.0005Lux illumination to realize high-resolution color images during the night. The Super Starlight cameras of StarView series are featured F1.2 big iris lens to let more light in. Meanwhile, the backside illumination (BSI) technology improves low-light sensitivity, and unique ISP launched by Uniview is also a key feature.

Prime series cameras feature a number of functions to improve users’ experience. 120dB WDR and starlight are combined to present clear image. Meanwhile, they support multiple interfaces to simplify configuration: audio, alarm I/O, and built-in microphone. Besides, corridor mode, motorized vari-focal lens with AF, power sharing are also applied to bring users more convenience.

Smart Function

Video Content Intelligient Analysis

Mainstream Resolution

Cameras embedded with a wide range of smart functions to deliver different solutions. For instance, face detection, intrusion detection, scene change, crossing line detection, audio exception, defocus detection. Prime series cameras are more flexible and provide better performance.

Prime series NVRs support various kinds of professional and intelligent video content analysis such as face detection, intrusion detection, crossing line detection, item remnants detection, people counting and some deep learning functions.

Prime series contains various image resolutions - 2/4/5/8MP, which provides abundant levels of image quality. Hence users are able to apply large numbers of cameras in large scale scenarios.

Reliable Storage

N+1 Hot Spare

Various technical methods are used to ensure the safety of NVR’s storage. For example, ANR, RAID, and N+1 hot spare would reduce costs if unexpected accident happens.

The N+1 hot spare is a simplified solution for small scale business. Unlike the common HA solution, it only needs one NVR to backup for several hosts in the network so as to balance the cost and reliability.

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Centralized Management

Video Wall

Easy to Use

As a unified management center, different devices like IPC, NVR, Encoder, Decoder, Keyboard and even alarm & door access control can be added to the system. BS/CS/ APP client helps to easily access to device. Other value-added functions like e-map and permission management and operation management would help users to make full use of the system.

UNV dedicated video decode card can deliver two kinds of video wall applications - split screen mode and multi-screen mode. The split screen mode can display live view from multiple cameras simultaneously while the multi-screen mode can display one high resolution video by multiple screens.

All products in Pro series support more advanced practical functions. With white light and laser IR compensation, cameras can provide extremely long distance light compensation. Moreover, cameras with extremely long zoom distance have wider video surveillance range and display clearer image details. Passive IR detects moving objects and triggers white light to see clearer and having criminals been exposed. There is also built-in heater to realize intelligent temperature control by removing snow and fog on lens automatically.

Industry-level Design

Scalable Expansion

Hot Standby

NVRs of Pro series support intelligent fan control, smart temperature control and embedded 3U chassis, ensure the stability of the system. Besides, they have hardware based redundant power supply and BIOS to guarantee operation works safely.

Although the device itself has limited HDD slots, the extra disk enclosure can expand the storage capacity. The master and slave architecture is able to increase storage capacity greatly, and bandwidth can be doubled or more.

1:1 hot standby function ensures the system usability. It is an industry top-level solution which is able to protect data safety and business stability day and night. When the primary host breaks down, the standby host will take over the whole system smoothly that even users would not notice.


HD Resolution

Enchanced Connectivity

Compared to Prime series, more professional intelligent functions are added in UNV Pro series. Those cameras are featured with LPR (license plate recognition), LPD (license plate detection), and auto tracking functions.

Pro series cameras provide 4K HD resolution and 12MP image quality to ensure extremely clear visual effects. Pro series NVRs also have HD-resolution video analysis.

Multi network interface design activated by various kinds of work modes such as load balance, multi-address and fault-tolerant can almost meet all requirements for demanding application.